The golden rule of matching the food when having beer is to consider the relative intensity of flavor between pint and plate. The more flavorful a dish’s ingredients and cooking techniques, the more assertive a beer needs to be to match.

Blonde Ale

With the light impact and moderate bitterness, Blonde Ale paired with chicken is just so great.

Pale Ale

You don’t have to worry about what food to pair when drinking this beer. With its wide range of food to be paired, drinking this beer with a burger is more than fantastic, trust me.

Strong Ale

With this strong beer, you need to balance it with strong, big and intense food. Roasted or grilled beef is perfect for this one.


Stout is known for its bitterness, color, and impact. This beer easily overpowers most of the main dishes, smoked beef or any smoked dishes should be fine with this intense beer

White IPA

White IPA is a hybrid of two rather dissimilar beer styles: wit, or white beer. This drink is best served with a pizza on the table.


Lagers are much more modest than beers like an IPA. This beer is not that flavorful, and are largely only reserved for hot days. But paring the right food on this beer may surprise a lot of people. Try having any grilled meat on the table while drinking this and see the difference.

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