Brew Enhancer 3

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Brew Enhancer 3

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Coopers Brew Enhancer 3.

Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 contains a high proportion of Light Dry Malt combined with dextrose and maltodextrin. The substantial quantity of Pale malt, maximises the malt character of your favourite brew. The dextrose and maltodextrin improve the mouthfeel and body. The Coopers Brew Enhancer 3 will deliver a creamy head and avoiding any residual cidery flavours. The ultimate enhancer for all beer styles where a fuller flavour is desired.

Brew enhancer is typically recommended for novice home brewers or for those who don’t want to invest the extra time & effort involved in creating your own blend.

For more information about the Coopers range of DIY Beer products, please visit their website.

For assistance finding the right brew for your pallet, please have a look at our recipes section at Home Brew Philippines.


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